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Brian Del Toro

and Carlos Dominguez with Kyle Motl, contrabass

Saturday, July 28, 2012 at 8PM. GAB Studio, 105 Northwest 23rd Street Miami, FL 33127. $5 donation.

Tonight we are welcoming two up-and-coming Miami-own electronic music talents: Carlos Dominguez and Brian Del Toro.

Brian Del Toro is a mild mannered musician from Miami, Florida. He has composed pieces for chamber instruments, live electronics, choreography, electric guitar and typewriter. He was in a funky cover band for a while, which was great, but involved a lot of driving and heavy equipment and staying out late. He is currently pursuing an M.A. in music technology at Florida International University, which is also great, except that still involves a lot of driving and staying up late. Brian is currently attempting to cajole people into letting him make music and sounds for film, tv, or video games.

"Frames of Reference is a piece which I previously wrote for Jazz Trio (Guitar, Bass, Drums) and electronics. This solo performance revisits the original musical material with new improvised electronic textures." B. Del Toro

Carlos Dominguez is normally inspired by new findings in physics, astronomy, and biology. He finds influences by analyzing sounds and studying their parts. He appreciates noises and the things that make them very much. This Summer, Carlos will be graduating from FIU with a Bachelor's Degree in Music Technology. In the Fall, he will be attending the Digital Musics program at Dartmouth College.

"Down the Waterway combines different, noisy techniques on the contrabass with a few different types of delay and feedback. Influences for this piece include rivers, pressure, and friction. with just a few more seconds consists of a combination of electronic techniques with found sounds." C. Dominguez

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1. B. Del Toro: Frames of Reference

2. C. Dominguez: Down the Waterway for contrabass and electronics. Kyle Motl, contrabass.

2. C. Dominguez: with just a few more seconds for electronics

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