Harold Golen Gallery
2294 NW 2nd Ave, Wynwood Art District, Miami FL, 33127

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12 Nights is a concert series of electronic music and art at the Harold Golen Gallery and other alternative venues in Miami, Fl. 12 Nights is a program within the Foundation for Emerging Technologies and Arts (FETA).

Check out our Season VI here!

We were once again committed to bring the local and International computer music and art to Miami audiences throughout the 2014 season. The highlights include performances by Natacha Diels, Bryan Jacobs, Pamela Z, Paula Matthusen, Adrian Knight, Eric DeLuca and Andie Springer. The series culminated in December with our annual Street: Festival of Electronic Music, Art and Performance during the Art Basel Miami.

In an effort to strengthen the community of electronic arts in Miami, we are collaborating with other exciting venues and organizations around the city, creating a network of Miami artists. Learn about our friends and their activities here. Therefore make sure to check the schedule on the sidebar as the concert venues vary.

12 Nights is a forum for art and music of diverse origins and genres. We always look forward to widening our horizons. Contact us to learn how YOU can support and become a part of the 12 Nights and other programs.

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